Local retailers or just very good chefs preparing street food like burgers, cheese plates or vegetarian dishes. 

The Gathering lasts for 6 hours and sometimes we feel that is to short but to make the best of the time at the Gathering we offer you the ability to enjoy your meal without leaving the venue. And we selected street food stands, local producers and partners that we work with on a regular base.

It goes beyond a buffet style offering, we offer vegetarian dishes, pulled pork, cheese plates. A full area dedicated to food and please do explore this area. It saves you time but above all you can enjoy your dram while taking care of your inner self.



Food stands

We will be offering the following food stands:

  • Booij Kaasmakers: the best selection of cheese plates
  • Wild Vleesch: a wide range of meat plates
  • Kitch’n Booz: street food like servings with vegetarian wraps
  • Chocoholic: chocolate and bonbons made with Archives whisky
  • More to be confirmed