United Kingdom

¬†We have been an importer of Berry’s Bros & Rudd for a few years now, so it was inevitable that they would eventually be at our festival.

With over 300 years of history, Berry Bros & Rudd is Britain’s oldest wine and spirits merchant. Founded in 1698 at No 3 St James’s Street in London, the family business has grown from a small coffee shop to an international company with six offices worldwide. However, the headquarters of BBR is still located at the same address where it once started (Find out more about their history here).

Berry’s Bros & Rudd has released a large number of its own whisky bottlings in addition to the extensive range of wine and spirits. And did you know that BBR is also the distributor of Daftmill? So expect an excellent range of different whiskies, from nice 70s vintages all the way up to recent releases. There will be something for everyone.

We are delighted to welcome them for the first time at the Gathering! Make sure to check them out.