Founders Adri and Willem started the Casqueteers with the idea that people might want to participate in a cask but a full cask would be to large. Since 2011 they have been building a vast amount of casks. When a new cask is announce it doesn’t take long to sell the amount of available shares and often are sold out in a day.

Their current bottled casks can be found at the Casqueteers bottler page on During the past years their stock grew and the casqueteers passed the 100 casks already. Many new distilleries are featured and the list is growing even further.

At the Gathering it is possible to taste some of the previous releases as well as reference casks or even samples from current casks in shared ownership by fellow Casqueteers members.

Adri and Willem will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

New cask signup – Bimber Distillery

This year it is possible to signup for a cask share in collaboration with Bimber distillery. This will be only available during the Gathering and consists of 2 times a 50 liter cask. Later on more details will be available about the price and size of the cask shares.

Farid Shawish (Bimber Distillery) will be joining the casqueteers during the Gathering. You can ask him questions about Bimber and taste some new make and their first ever whisky!

To find out more about the casqueteers, visit their website.