United Kingdom

There is that boutique whisky company from the UK, but I don’t know the name….. Ow, that Boutique Whisky Company. Yes that one! We are sure you know this company, custom labels for every bottle, cartoon style graphics. 500ml or 375ml bottles. What makes That Boutique Whisky Company stand out? Well the fact that there are some stunning releases? For some reason the access to great casks has been mind blowing. Karuizawa for instance? And yes that was recently released.

But a long list of brands that have been bottled by TBWC and we are not seeing an end to it. Dave Worthington will be joining the Gathering for the first time, and being awarded: World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year 2018 must say something? Well he is a nice guy that should be enough and if he brings some nice whisky we are a happy chappy.

Come over to say high and enjoy a dram or two.