What would the Gathering be without a local distillery? It wouldn’t feel complete and luckily we have a local distillery. It is a fairly young one and we are keeping a close eye out for the development of this distillery.

Cley Distillery is located at the Overschiese Kleiweg and founded in 2015. Klei-weg means cley-road so you now know where the name Cley originates from. In the past 4 years the distillery has focussed on the development of rye and malt whisky, this has been done in collaboration with the Genevermuseum. In October 2018 Cley Distillery started the production of their biological single malt whisky.

Cley distillery will participate in the Gathering and showcase some of their releases. Maybe you can try some new make as well? Interesting to follow, there are only a few dutch distilleries and it will be interesting to see the future developments.