He made his debut at the Gathering last year and we are very happy to welcome him back! Gunther Sterckx has a passion for Caperdonich 1972 and that is not really surprising. Because this closed distillery and the year 1972 are a match made in heaven! 

He describes himself as a whisky enthusiast who has bought more bottles than he can drink (some of you might recognise this behaviour 😉 ). The bottom line is that he has now built up a collection that is bigger than he expected when he started. To be able to open the bottles he thought it was a good idea to share them and we think that is an excellent plan! So he started at the Lindores festival and since last year he can also be found at the Gathering.

His collection consists of the golden oldies, but also some very nice newer releases. It’s quite the range and he can’t wait to share it with you.