Regular visitors of the Gathering will remember the massive stand hosted by Nico and Franz from In2whisky. These guys are crazy, crazy for whisky and bursting with energy and passion. If it were up to these two guys, they would host another booth just to be able to bring more of their open bottles. 

You might have seen them around on Campbeltown festival, Islay festival or their 2 or 3 trips a year to Scotland to buy new bottles. Camping in front of their favourite distilleries trying to get the latest release. We have experienced them during our own trip to Scotland last year…. And we can guarantee you: these two will go the extra mile to find that next stunning release.

All of these are brought back home and a large amount is available by the dram at the Gathering. The majority of the bottles are from Islay, so peat heads go check the booth of In2whisky out!