Monique Tromp (1970) combines two of her major passions Whisky and Art with the result unique ‘whisky paintings’ that each tell their own story. In addition, she creates inspired through the most diverse subjects, beautiful modern artworks. They are the only ones of their kind, constructed in their own recognizable style. The artworks are built up layer by layer using various methods: she uses various – sometimes unconventional – techniques for painting: not just acrylic paint and East Indian ink, but the paint is also mixed with special materials such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, ash and, of course, whisky!

In addition, she also uses prints and prints from the computer manipulated and sampled images, text fragments, lyrics, and various not very obvious materials such as charcoal, grass, sand, metallic paint, labels and recycled materials such as plastic, bottle caps, packaging material, etc. The result is a stimulating work of art that tells a real story, in which the viewer will repeatedly discover layers.

As a frequent Islay traveller Monique will bring bottles that have been purchased during previous trips.