Monique Tromp combines two of her great passions, Whisky, and Art, resulting in unique ‘whisky paintings’ that each tell their own story.

Her paintings are built up layer by layer using various methods. She uses multiple – sometimes unconventional – techniques for painting: not only acrylic paint and Indian ink, but the paint is also mixed with unique materials such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, ash, and – of course – whisky! She also uses prints and prints of computer-manipulated and sampled images, text fragments, song lyrics, and various non-obvious materials such as charcoal, grass, sand, metallic paint, labels, and recycled materials such as plastic, bottle caps, packaging material, etc.

The result is a compelling, intelligent work of art that tells a real story, in which the viewer will discover layers again and again while the piece also forms a beautiful whole. 

But that is not everything! Besides her paintings, Monique will also bring quite the selection of bottles to the Gathering, all purchased during her many trips to Islay and Campbeltown. A unique collection, with many Feis Ile bottlings and some beautiful Springbanks and Longrows!