The Whiskynerds, it might ring a bell…. But for those who don’t know them: Bram van Glabbeek and Floris Kooistra. If you would define people being a nerd these two would qualify for that.

You might bump into them at other events like Lindores, Old & Rare in Glasgow or Limburg whisky fair, but always being a visitor. What most people don’t know is their own open collection of bottles. It’s insane to say the least. A huge collection with old and rare bottles.

They have been part of the Gathering since the first edition and always select a few nice bottles that are opened during the Gathering. Very rare bottles. 



Whiskynerds Independent bottler

Since a few years Bram and Floris select a cask to be bottled. Not a lot of casks fit their criteria and currently the bottles are sold out before they hit the shelves. A Springbank or the Whiskynerds Lagavulin bottling are an example of the recent releases.

Come and say hi to Bram and or Floris, they enjoy the Gathering (we think 😉 ) make sure you checkout their huge open collection!

We are happy they join us again.


Floris: “A lot of people asked questions and we can pour them whisky from loads of different distilleries and flavour profiles. To share your passion by talking to people and having them drink your whiskies, that’s just great. And whatever money we make during the festival is spend on buying new whisky to share.”