Norbert Tebarts

So for the dutch: Norbert Tebarts might be known for running a facebook bottleshare group, his whisky tastings or as an exhibitor at several festival. But if you don’t live in the Netherlands you might not have heard of Norbert. That is not so strange, but don’t take it lightly.

Norbert is specialised in American Whiskey. And that is something we don’t see often in Europe. Why is this so special? Many of the bottles he finds are being opened and in the US many of these bottles are collected not opened. That what makes this stand so interesting.

Nice selection of bottles

Last year Norbert brought: George T. Stagg 2001 – barrel proof, Thomas H. Handy Sazerac 2006, Elijah Craig 23 year old. He even manages to find some rare bottles that we need to add to Whiskybase right before the event. So we expect Norbert to bring some nice surprises again.

We can say that if you like American whiskey you will find this stand. If you are open minded and eager to try bourbon, a good American rye whiskey or want to be surprised by his knowledge and suggestion go and meet Norbert and his crew. He will make sure that you remember the experience.