Sugar Hill might not ring a bell, that is not weird. Well if you like food you might know it: a nice bistro in Arnhem. But that is not all, one of the owners is Werry van Leeuwen, and that might ring a bell. For those who don’t know him: he is a whisky fanatic (in the very positive meaning!). He has a deep love for Chichibu and has a big selection of open bottles in his restaurant. Again, that is not all, a few years ago he hosted a Chichibu tasting with the Chichibu staff participating in the event. 

More recently Werry was involved in the release of 2 Chichibu bottles: the intergalactic series. So if you don’t know Werry, you might bumped into his efforts for the labels of this limited release.

He is a friendly guy with a good knowledge of whisky (not only Japanese bottles!) and he is not a collector who sits on his bottles to gain value. He opens them and pours them for other whisky lovers to enjoy the whisky as well. Besides that he has a great no nonsense attitude.

This attitude fits perfectly with the Gathering and we are very happy that Werry will be hosting a table with his collection. Hopefully there is some intergalactic Chichibu left in October, but we are sure he will have other great bottles to bring.

If you want to learn more about Werry, check his instagram feed: Weronius026