Whisky event on Saturday or Sunday

Ticket Saturday or Sunday: € 29,50. This includes 5 tokens and 1 glass.
Whiskybase weekend ticket: € 49,50 which will include 10 tokens (5 per day) and 2 glasses (1 per day).




Tickets for the tastings will be available after the line-up for the tastings has been announced.

Program Saturday

Enrico Gaddoni vs Angus MacRaild
Waterford Distillery – all sensory tasting
Werner Bos (Van Wees / ultimate)

Program Sunday

Old & Rare tasting by Michiel Wigman
Waterford Distillery – all sensory tasting
Werner Bos (Van Wees / ultimate)


Whisky dinner (sold out)

The Friday night whisky dinner will cost € 130,- with only 30 seats available. The line-up for this evening will not be revealed in advance. The first year the theme was a closed distillery tasting. Last year we had some rare bottles of Cadenhead. This year: expect the unexpected. Entrance to the BYOB afterwards is guaranteed with a ticket to the dinner.


Bring your own bottle (BYOB) Friday

Entrance to the Bring Your Own Bottle event on Friday is free. A very limited amount of people are allowed though. You can signup to receive an invite. Due to limited seats access to this event with invitation only. 

Signup to the BYOB can be done here: RSVP BYOB

Afterparty on Saturday

More details will follow later on, but we will host a small party somewhere in Rotterdam. Beer and whisky, some familiar faces or new friends. We are sure it will be fun.

RSVP for the afterparty