Whisky event on Saturday or Sunday

Ticket Saturday or Sunday: € 29,50. This includes 5 tokens and 1 glass.
Whiskybase weekend ticket: € 49,50 which will include 10 tokens (5 per day) and 2 glasses (1 per day).





A unique opportunity to taste Glenfarclas distilled over several decades. Expect an impressive selection of samples from casks that might (not) be released in the future. Ian McWilliam will be hosting this tasting, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to the Whiskybase Gathering visitors. Price per ticket: € 80.00

Tasting: Highlander Inn – Tatsuya

Tatsuya Minagawa will join the Whiskybase Gathering with a unique tasting, bringing the Highlander Inn to Rotterdam. The Highlander Inn is in the centre of the village of Craigellachie, Speyside, the heart of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail. Tatsuya will bring several unique bottles which are released (or will be released) exclusive to the Highlander Inn. You will taste 5 whiskies, ranging from 13 to 29 years old. Price per ticket: €30,00


Tasting: Old & Rare – Enrico Gaddoni

Enrico will be joining us once more for an Old & Rare tasting. We are happy to have him join us again and bring you a great selection of bottles for the Italian market. 6 different bottles from Islay to the Highlands. His energy and knowledge will make this an interesting and must-visit tasting. Price per ticket: €85,00


Whisky dinner

In 2019 the Whisky Dinner sold out in minutes, we never announce the bottles in advance. The lineup for 2019 was: Banff 1966, Port Ellen 1983, Longmorn 1973, Glenlossie 1975 all bottled by Blackadder. None of the people attending the dinner had tasted these whiskies before. For this year we have planned the same approach: find bottles that only a few people have tasted before, score high or seem to be very interesting to try. Limited amount of seats available and a great way to start the Gathering weekend.

Expect good food, interesting and old whisky, good atmosphere and a great crow.

Ticket sales for the dinner will on sale on the 6th of September.

Bring your own bottle (BYOB) Friday

Entrance to the Bring Your Own Bottle event on Friday is free. A very limited amount of people are allowed though. You can signup to receive an invite. Due to limited seats access to this event with invitation only. 

Close to the actual event we will send out the details for the BYOB. 

Afterparty on Saturday

More details will follow later on, but we will host a small party somewhere in Rotterdam. Beer and whisky, some familiar faces or new friends. We are sure it will be fun.